Uttar Pradesh East India (Eastern Uttar Pradesh)

Do you want to know about Uttar Pradesh East India? All information related to Uttar Pradesh East India is available here.

Uttar Pradesh East India is called the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. And which cities come in the eastern part, we will also know in detail about that in this post. Uttar Pradesh is a very big state, the total population in Uttar Pradesh is estimated to be 25 crores by 2023. All the information related to Uttar Pradesh is available below.

Uttar Pradesh East India
StateUttar Pradesh
Chief ministerYogi Adityanath
Deputy chief ministerKeshav Prasad Maurya
Uttar Pradesh Population235.6 million
Uttar Pradesh/Land area243,286 km²

Uttar Pradesh East india Map

To know the Uttar Pradesh East India Map, we have explained here in detail. The eastern part of Uttar Pradesh is known by the name of Uttar Pradesh East. If you want to see the match of Uttar Pradesh East and West, then click on the link given here. From where you will be able to know about the map of Uttar Pradesh in detail.

By clicking on this button, you can know about the map of Uttar Pradesh East. Uttar Pradesh East India and Uttar Pradesh West India both are two parts of Uttar Pradesh.

important things of Uttar Pradesh state.

Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest states of India in terms of population. There is a huge scope of business in Uttar Pradesh. And the government here has taken very big decisions in the present. Which will help in developing Uttar Pradesh even more. Uttar Pradesh East India Khoya West trade is being promoted everywhere. Which will be of great help in making our country India strong. And the employment opportunities for the new youth are also increasing.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath who has talked about making film industry in Uttar Pradesh itself. Many other countries have started setting up similar businesses in Uttar Pradesh. Many roadmaps are ready in Uttar Pradesh where a better road will be seen. The construction of Defense Industrial Corridor with an investment of 4000 crores, which is teaching the country’s defense power, is going on at a mission turn. Today, the difference is clear. Has become the leading state in connectivity. Honorable Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has made development in all areas a target to make the Prime Minister’s family come true.

Uttar Pradesh Legislative

Uttar Pradesh Religion Population

We will know in detail about the Religion Population of Uttar Pradesh here. People of many religions live together in the country of India. And their population in Uttar Pradesh is given in details here.

Uttar Pradesh has a total population of more than 23 crores. The population information present here is not official. This information has been taken from many websites on the internet.

Other Religions0.01%
Not Stated0.29%
East India